With the current COVID-19 crisis we are closing our doors to the public for the time being.
We are holding some online events and investigating ways to expand this. Please check our social media for updates, or call 07926367418.

SCOLTS vision is of a vibrant and happy town in which people can freely meet, socialise and have a reason and a way to celebrate our lives together. Through the provision of creative community space we want to reduce social isolation, enhance community cohesion and improve personal well being and opportunities for members of the public in Stafford and surrounding areas.


  • Provision of affordable arts space to students, amateurs, and professional artists.
  • Opportunities for creative people to meet, network and collaborate with each other.
  • Opportunities for creative people to develop and share their talents.
  • Ongoing consultation, evaluation and research.


The Space Station is split over two foors. The ground floor is decorated, furnished and ready to be used. It host exhibition and creative information space and plenty of comfy seating. A community jukebox plays music from local artists and refreshments are available for a donation. A small licensed bar is available for events. The second floor is now painted and ready to host an online streaming studio for creative events and activities.

You can hire space for free if you are running an unfunded project, where you are not charging an entrance fee and that will benefit the public by enabling increased social cohesion or enhanced personal wellbeing.

Longer Term Plans

We want to build a sustainable project that can provide creative space to benefit the public well into the future. Longer term we would love to mobe into one of Stafford’s many unused heritage buildings.


SCOLT and Konnektiv Arts would like to thank the National Lottery, Stafford District Arts Council, Rory Mack estate agents, Friar Capital and County Staff Club for supporting this project.

Where to find us

You can get in touch with us through our social media and keep an eye on what we are planning for the future.

Getting Involved

The project is being run entirely by volunteers. Anybody who wishes to volunteer to help should contact Nicky Barron, Project Development Lead, on 07926367418

or you send us a message and we will get right back to you